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Cystic Fibrosis Care Center
doctor and nurses Check here regularly for news from the North Shore-LIJ/Cohen Children's Medical Center Cystic Fibrosis Center team.

Get Your Flu Vaccine

It's flu vaccine time again - see your primary doctor, or make your quarterly appointment with your team at the CF Center, and get vaccinated immediately.

Allergy Alert Reminder

It is spring again- finally - patients with allergies should make sure they resume their prescribed allergy meds and check their Epi-Pen supply to make sure they are not expired & remember to use sunscreen

New Infection Control Guidelines

As of November 1, 2014, both the adult and pediatric CF Centers at North Shore-LIJ will be following the new infection control guidelines. Please watch your mail - you will be receiving a letter outlining the changes implemented. You can learn more about the new guidelines at cff.org.

D68 Rhinovirus Update - Stay Protected

The D68 rhinovirus has been seen in the Long Island area and many patients have noted an increase in their pulmonary symptoms if they get the virus. The nasal swab that is used at Cohen Children's Medical Center and North Shore-LIJ tests for this virus as part of the enterovirus/ rhinovirus group but not for this specific virus. The Dept. of Health of NY State and the Centers for Disease Control are able to subtype if necessary. Patients can expect to increase their respiratory care: nebulizer treatments, airway clearance and possibly antibiotics. Prevention is the best rule of thumb! Patients and parents are reminded to use good hand hygiene especially before meals, try to avoid obviously sick people/ exposures, and wear a mask in the Center. Get your flu vaccine, hydrate, eat well and get plenty of rest, and be adherent with your treatment to help to avoid illness.

Team Announcements

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Patient Assistance Resource Library

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