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Clinical Trials

about cf contact us emergency preparedness clinical trials What is CF Learn more about the CF Clinical Trials our centers are currently participating in.

When drugs and treatments have been developed and determined to be safe, clinical trials study the effect of the drug in people. Volunteers with CF for clinical trials must meet criteria for the specific trial, such as the person's age or the severity of disease. Researchers carefully monitor the treatments and record and observe how the drug behaves and if it is helpful.

There are more potential treatments for CF in development than ever before. While research is promising, every treatment must go through clinical trials before they can be approved and on the way to the children and adults who need them. The only way to do that, is to have as many people participate in trials as possible. YOU can be part of the solution, and the treatment teams at North Shore-LIJ and Cohen Children's Medical Center, as an accredited CFF Treatment Center, can help you find a trial. Research cannot move forward without participants in clinical trials for new treatments and a cure for CF. Almost every approved CF drug treatment currently available was made possible through research and clinical trials.

Some trials - interventional clinical trials - follow guidelines set by the government to allow drugs or treatments to be tested with people, and are held under highly controlled conditions to see if a treatment is helpful.

Observational clinical trials do not involve drug treatments, but observe the participants to explore ideas about CF and the disease process.

Treatment trials test experimental drugs, new drug combinations, or new ways to use surgery or radiation therapies.

Prevention studies look for ways to prevent diseases from occurring or recurring. They may include medications, vaccinations, dietary supplements or lifestyle changes.

Quality of Life studies look to improve the comfort and quality of life for people with chronic illnesses such as CF.

Learn more about the CF Clinical Trials our centers are currently participating in.

There are many drugs in clinical trials, and it's very important for people with CF to participate. Please contact us to discuss trials that you might be able to join.

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